3/4  Green Hills of Tirol / When the Battle is over / Lochanside
2/4  High Road to Gairloch / Mairi’s Wedding
4/4  Bells of Dunblane
4/4 Arrival (Abba)
       Luegit vo/Guggisberger/La haut sur la Montagne/ Örgeli
4/4  Highland Cathedral

4/4  Scottland the Brave / Rowan Tree / Wings (Bonny Galloway)
12/8 Halleluja
5/4  Cullen Bay / Farewell to Camraw / 2/4 Itchy Fingers
6/8  The Flowers of Scotland
6/8  Farwell to the Creek/ Cock of the North
3/4  Amazing Grace  (Slow Air) 

MSR  2/4 Campbell’s Farewell to Redcastle (March)/
           Loudon’s Bonny Woods and Braes (Strathspey)/ High  Road to Linton (Reel)
4/4  Rose of  Kelvingrove  Slow Air /Chariots of  Fire  Slow March
4/4  The sleeping Tune
3/4  Stornoway Bay / 6/8  Swiss Drum Majors
9/8 Miss Laurie Jean Chilton/Battle oft he Somme/The Heigts of Dargi
4/4  Auld lang Syne / Will Ye No Come Back Again/
       We’re No’Awa Tae Bide Awa

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